Some attributes
First Born: 1980
Second Age: 18
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Mother: Lilith

Father: Damien

Grandmother: Nyx Grandfather: Dragonmir Great grandmother: Eleanor Great grandfather: King Frederick

Fifth Godmother: Selena
Artemis is a soon to be princess and warrior of House of Brackwell.

Early LifeEdit

Young Artemis
Artemis was born to Lilith and Damien. Lilith was heavily pregnant with Artemis. She created a nursey for Artemis. Lilith chose Zelena to be Artemis's godmother. She was birth right after Caine cast a dark spell. Artemis wasn't change. Damien named after the goddess of the moon Artemis. (referring Lilith) . Lilith was so happy to have Artemis in her life.  When she got older, she became active and started to experience her abilities.