Some attributes
First Born: unknown
Second Age: 26
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Husband: Damien

Birth mother: Nyx Birth Father:

Fifth Unborn daughter: Artemis
Sixth Brother: Viktor
Lilith is a goddess/queen and wife of Damien.


Lilith was born to the original goddess Nyx. She has a twin sister Isabella. Nyx always have high hopes for her daughters. Lilith and Isabella was always fighting. They put their differences behind them. When her mother left the kingdom, she was devastated. Years later, Lilith became a independent women ruling house of Caine

The House of CaineEdit

Lilith want to have the the kingdom all to herself without a husband. Lilith's brother Viktor hooks up with the mighty and great soldier Damien. Lilith wasn't happy about being married Damien. She decides to go with being a wife. Damien revealed his feelings to Lilith and make love to her. She suddenly fell in love with him. Isabella gives advice about for making Damien happy. On the night of their her birthday, Lilith and Damien have sex. The tributes picked Lilith to fight Winter. Damien celebrated her victory.  A few days later, Lilith felt sick. She discover she was pregnant. 5 months later, Lilith was heavily pregnant with her first child. Damien became overprotective with Lilith's pregnancy. Months later, she finally gives birth to baby girl Artemis.

After giving birth, Lilith makes alliances and allies to divide the odds with the houses. The plan backfires when Raven is killed by Evian.