Some attributes
First Born: 1990
Second Age: 18
Third Species: Fairy
Other attributes
Fourth Katrina- Decreased Mother

Unknown father

Mira is a fairy and leader of fairies.

Early LifeEdit

Mira was born the powerful Katrina and her father died after she was born. Katrina discovers about the Mira's powers. Katrina was amazed by her gift. Katrina and the fairies was attacked by the demons. Katrina was killed. 

Fighting for the ThroneEdit

After growing into a women, Mira wanted to rule the throne of Anubis because of her amazing talent. Mira has the power of the five elementals. She teaches the other fairires about their power. Mira compete in 5 events. She was not defeated. Mira fought a vampire, witch and an angel. An angel named Nick grows an romantic attraction towards Mira. Mira wasn't interest in Nick.