Some attributes
First Born: 1689
Second Age: 45
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Daughter: Lilith and Apollo

Granddaughter: Artemis Son in Law: Damien

Fifth Lover/Enemy: Dragonmir

Husband: Boris

Nyx is the Queen of Caine and Lilith and Apollo's birth mother


Nyx was born to the powerful witch Esla and her father is Dracula. Esla wanted to give her daughter everything. Elsa was Dracula's mentor. Dracula fell in love with her. He wanted her to his. Elsa refused. Dracula raped her. Nyx was concevied. Elsa ran away. She created an portion that will make her daughter have children. (Note: Vampires can't have children unless they are attached to a werewolf). Elsa gave birth to Nyx. She died. Young Zelena founded Nyx. Zelena's mother Sophie raised Nyx. Sophie discovers that Nyx is part vampire/part witch. Is revealed that Sophie is Nyx's auntie. Few years later, Nyx became the vampire goddess. She ruled the vampires for centuries. Nyx fed on humans instead of animals. She saw herself as a killer. Nyx founded a kingdom where supernatural creatures lives upon humanity.

House of CaineEdit

Nyx became Princess . She has a barmaid named Lyana and her mentor/cousin Selena. Selena helped Nyx practice her magic. Nyx meets the evil, deadly  Dragonmir who founded her alluring and seductive. One night, Dragomir was drunkz from being heartbroken. Nyx and Dragonmir had a one night stand. Dragonmir had romantic feelings for Nyx. Nyx didn't feel the same way. Nyx left him. Selena discovers that Nyx was pregnant.