This season is a dark twist and more of a dark realm. 

The rules have change. It's revealed that Caine"Abaddon" who cursed the houses.  Abaddon wants to have the throne all to himself with Lexina. Everyone is furious and wants payback. Abaddon makes a deal with them that they must go through each realm. Its revealed that Abaddon hided Anubis's instruments in the Forbidden Realms.( Its turns out that the throne was never in Avalon).  Who ever found the instruments before the Lunar Eclipse will have Anubis's throne for good. Will Abaddon let the winning house have the throne or steal it of for himself.

22 ep. 

Forbidden Realms-

Game on-

Shattered Glass-

The Search-

The Hybrid-

Feeling Passion-


What Happend to Sarah-

The Outsiders-

Dig Deeper-

The Wolf and The Fox-

Lost Souls-

Heart of an Angel-

Dark Moon-

Love Sick-